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My name is Jiang Zeyu, and I am a recent graduate with a strong passion for interior design. My dynamic and curious personality has driven me to constantly explore and try new things, broadening my skill set and expanding my perspective.


As an interior designer, I am particularly fascinated by the use of natural and artificial light to enhance indoor spaces, as well as the arrangement of furniture and the creation of architectural relationships between indoor and outdoor spaces. My diverse experiences in various settings, including school, community, and workplaces, have equipped me with the ability to adapt to complex situations and collaborate effectively with others.


I strongly believe that teamwork can stimulate creativity and inspiration, and I am always up for a challenge to provide innovative solutions. My adaptability to new cultures and environments has made me more open-minded and tolerant, and I strive to create valuable and impactful results through my design work.


As a designer, I am committed to providing the best possible solutions for my clients and challenging myself to continually improve. Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction, and I look forward to the opportunity to connect and collaborate with you further.

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Phone: +1 647-995-8531

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